10 Strange Truths About the Universe in Which Even Some Top Scientists Refuse to Believe!

Not everything you see is true. These facts will reveal the real secrets behind these myths.

  1. Nearest does not necessarily mean the hottest


The distance between the Sun and the planets does not indicate how high or low the temperature is on the planet.

The hottest planet in thesolar system is Venus, not Mercury, where the average temperature does not go below 462 degrees, while on Mercury is 420.

  1. The shape is not perfect


The shape of the Earth is completely different than what we imagined. It is known that the shape is not perfectly round or flat, but is elliptical.

More specifically, the Earth is slightly flattened at the poles and wider at the equator. Also, areasare constantly changing due to plate tectonics and erosion. The shape is more like a potato or pear.

  1. Yellow or white?


When we were little kids we painted the Sun in yellow. The Sun has a variety of colors ranging from yellow, orange and red during the day. However, the Sun is actually white.

The reason why this happens is because only the yellow part of the spectrum is able to pass the atmospheric barrier and reach the Earth, while the other colorsrefract. This also explains why the sky is blue during the day and blackduring the night.

  1. Spacesuit

Spacesuits are necessary in Space. However, this does not mean that our head is going to swell and explode as soon as we take it off. Thelow pressure in Spaceis lethal to our lungs, heart and organs.

  1. Fire ball

The sun produces light and shine because of nuclear chain reactions. It is not a hot ball, it is a shiny ball!

  1. Twin planets


It was believed that Venus is the second Earth.However, it is not possible to live on this planet. It is fatal, dull and nothing as our planet Earth!

  1. Mount Everest is not the highest mountain in the solar system and on Earth

Mount Olympus on Mars is actually a dormant volcano with the highest mountain peak in the whole solar system that reaches incredible 27 km, while Mount Everest is just 8.8 km. Also, the mountain Mauna Kea in Hawaii is 4.2 km but only above sea level. The whole mountain reaches 9.1 km.

  1. Black holes are in form of a funnel


Black holes are actually invisible and in a form of a ball, there is not a part that will “suck” you in. If you come close to a black hole you will be drawn. It’s like a planet with immense gravity.

  1. Sound in Space


In the movies, you can hear the incredible sound effects and explosions. However, this is one of the biggest misconceptions about outer space. The universe is a vacuum, which means that there is no sound. An interesting fact is that, for example, on Mars, your voice will be much higher because of its thin atmosphere.

  1. Bright and beautiful

There is no dark side of our natural satellite, the Moon. The dark side of the moon is not visible to the human eye and is not illuminated by theSun. On the contrary, we cannot see the whole Moon.

The Earth and the Moon are turning at the same time around the axis of the Sun, which is why we can only see one side of our satellite even though the rays of the Sun reach every part. There is no dark side in reality!