She is 102 and she drinks Wine and Smokes at Least 20 Cigarettes Every Day…This is the Secret of her Perfect Health

The lifestyle of Maisie Streng epitomizes exactly what our doctors do not recommend. It does not respect any of the doctors’ advice not to take any medication, but yet she has celebrated her 102 birthday.


This grandmother is from Glasgow and she has just celebrated a milestone in her life, aka her 102 birthday.

She has been smoking 20 cigarettes a day for more than 75 years, and it seems that cigarettes do not bother her. However, smoking is not her only habit.

She also drinks a glass of wine every night before going to sleep, but only one. She has another vice. “She fanatically eats bananas” -- said her son Sandy, who is 65 years old.

She was smoking the most during the period when she worked as a secretary, as a “Daily Express” editor. “She always smoked while working on her typewriter”.

She started eating bananas right at that time when she was working. Because of deadlines, she did not have time for lunch so she started eating bananas as a quick meal, a habit she practices to this day.


After she started smoking as a teenager, she stopped only once for five weeks.In that period, the 90s, she was in the hospital because of her broken thigh bone.

When she was finally released from the hospital, she immediately started smoking cigarettes and drinking Chardonnay.

“It is kind of absurd to think of how many people have serious health problemsdue to smoking. My mother is a paradox.” -- says Sandy.

Ironically, her husband passed away when he was 65 and he was always in shape and was a teacher of physical education. He did not even consider smoking cigarettes.


Even though she smokes a lot, Maisie has no health problems. “She does not take any medication, and not a lot of people in her age can say the same thing” -- says Sandy.