12 Most Common Causes of Headache That You’ve Likely Never Heard of Them

If the headache is often your “friend” who “pings” you, read the most common reasons for its occurrence and what you can preventively do about it.



Your supervisor

Yes, your boss can literally give you a headache. With each increase of the stress level, your body becomes susceptible to tension headache or migraine.


As the temperature rises, the chances of getting a headache grow. According to a recent study, with each increase of 3 degrees Celsius, the headache risk increases by 7.5 percent.

Strong odors

Besides the strong unpleasant odors, even beautiful perfumes can cause severe headaches. Often, those who suffer from headaches respond to smells from the paint, dust, perfume, flowers etc. Itis still insufficiently known to science why smells stimulate the nervous system so strongly.

Hair Accessories

Your head is suffering at the expense of your hair style. A tight ponytail may strain the tissue in your scalp and lead to a headache. Headbands, braids, and tight-fitting hats can have the same effect. If this causes you pain, let your hair down for an instant relief.

Physical exercises

Strenuous exercises, including sex, can cause headaches. The physical stress swells the blood vessels in the head and in the neck and creates high pressure. In those who are sensitive to headaches, the most common examples are the headaches after jogging or sex.

Improper posture

For raising tension in the head and neck muscles you do not even have to work up a sweat. It is enough that you sit bent over your desk. With a shrug, sitting on a chair without a comfortable grip, staring at a monitor that is set too high or too low and holding a phone between your ear and shoulder are reliable ways to have tension headaches. If you really often suffer from this type of headache, it would be best to change your workspace.


White, feta, mozzarella, parmesan and all kinds of cheese contain an ingredient called tyramine, which is the main culprit for headaches. Tyramine is being created during the decomposition of a certain type of protein, the longer a cheese ages, the more tyramine it has.

Red wine

Besides the old cheese, red wine also consist the hostile tyramine. And as alcohol accelerates the blood flow to the brain, the consequences are even worse. If you suffer from headaches as a result of drinking red wine, and you are a big fan, consult your doctor about preventive medicine.

Meat products

If you are prone to headaches, delete the appetizer of meat products twice from your list of meals, because it does not only belong to the list of products with tyramine, but it also additionally contains nitrates. These additives can act with an increase of blood flow to the brain in some people. This results in pain which is felt symmetrically on both sides of the head (unlike the classical migraine that occurs only on one side).

Skipping meals

The headaches which are caused by starvation are not very obvious, because they begin before you feel any hunger. The problem is the dip in your blood sugar. But do not think that you will solve this problem by reaching for a chocolate bar. In this case, after the abundant intake of sugar, it may fall even lower.


It is already known that smoking can cause headaches, but not only in those who are holdingthe cigarette. Cigarette smoke contains nicotine, which can narrow the blood vessels in the brain. If you quit smoking or if you are not a smoker and you can successful prevent the exposure to the harmful smoke, this might be significantly helpful if you want to get rid of the cluster headaches. It is an extremely powerful one-sided headache that can appear in several places at once.


For those who suffer from headaches, caffeine is one of those substances which are consumed too much or are completely rejected. In moderation, caffeine often proves to be useful, because it is actually found in the medications against headaches. However, the exaggeration leads to the opposite effect. If you consider yourself as a caffeine addict, it is advisable to stop with the consumption. Quitting caffeine is another cause of a headache.


If you can perceive the cause of your headaches, you could successfully get rid of them.

Keeping records of the entered food, stressful situations, climate changes and physical activity can help in locating the factor that triggers the creation of headaches.

Many people can deal with the headaches because they are able to control themselves when they are exposed to stressful situations.

Although you can not influence on what happens outside, you can consciously control your reaction to those situations.

In addition to that you can do meditations, massages and other relaxation techniques. Meanwhile, pay attention to establish habits for proper posture.

The moderate physical activity is a great stress release. Walking is one of the best defensive mechanisms against the headache because with the swinging motion of your hands while walking you can relieve the tension in the neck and shoulder muscles.

By eating regular meals you will maintain the blood sugar levels and with this you will eliminate the headaches caused by hunger.

Also, drinking a sufficient amountof fluid is a sure sign for avoiding one of the usual headache triggers- dehydration.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin or ibuprofen are effective against various types of headaches.

 But a continuous consumption of these medications can lead to a reaction of the body, so that the pain reappears once the action of the medication passes.

Consult a doctor if you have a new severe headache that lasts many hours.

It is important to have records of your headaches so you can find the causes together with the doctor.

If the pain is accompanied by paralysis, fever or stiff neck, immediately seek for help.