14 Foods That Help Detox and Cleanse Your Entire Body

When it comes to detoxification of the body, there are many ways you can get help. However, the best way is the natural detoxification and that means you can consume foods that cleanse the body of harmful matter.

Do not forget that food is the best medicine for cleansing the body. Below there is a list of foods for detoxification of the body, which are available for everyone and also very useful.


Fruit, especially apples, is the best way of cleansing the body from harmful toxins and it is extremely useful for detoxification. It is a natural antioxidant, it is easily digested, contains a lot of nutrients and many important vitamins, especially vitamin C.

Green Food
When you are preparing for detoxification of the body, fill your fridge with green foods (spinach, kale, chard, broccoli, green algae). These foods cleanse the body from various chemical toxins in the environment (smog, herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals).That means they are useful for liver detoxification.

Lemon and Orange
Start your day with a glass of lemonade or squeezed oranges. That will encourage the body to cleanse the liver and flush out the toxins. This fruit is rich with vitamin C, which is the best vitamin for detoxification because it transforms toxins into fake matter.

Garlic indicates the liver to produce enzymes that help in the detoxification of toxic residues in the digestive system. Therefore, garlic is very useful as a food additive.

The plant broccoli is extremely powerful antioxidant. Broccoli is the best food for stimulating the production of enzymes responsible for the detoxification of the digestive tract.

Onion juice cleanses the blood vessels and improves the operation of the brain, renews brain cells and improves memory.
In a bowl drain 100 gr. onion juice, than add 100 gr. honey. Mix it very well.

How to use: One tablespoon three times a day half hour before eating.

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