19 Habits That Ruin Your Health And You Do Them Regularly

Literally, everything is against you. Even the smallest everyday trifles can adversely affect your health.

Everything we do from the moment we get up to the moment when we go to bed, can have dire consequences.

See what dangers lurk everywhere around you.

1. Seating shortens your life

Unfortunately, it is important that you exercise every day. Studies show that people who sit at work all the time, have bigger chances of suffering from heart disease and cancer, as opposed to those who stand up most of the time.

2.Tight jeans damage your nerves

Too attributed pants can press the femoral nerve and cause meralgia paraesthetica. The consequences are tingling in the legs, pain, sensitivity to heat. In the worst cases, it can lead to atrophy of the leg tissue.

3.Tie causes glaucoma

Studies have shown that the adjustment of the tie, which men consider as slightly uncomfortable, increases the pressure in the eyes in just three minutes, which is a major cause of glaucoma.

4.Washing machines are teeming with bacteria

Studies have found E. coli in 10 percent and fecal bacteria in even 60 percent of the washing machines.

5.Washing teeth after meals destroys tooth enamel

Food acid softens the enamel and brushing immediately after eating can only do more damage. It is best to wash the teeth before meals and afterwards just rinse them with water.

6.The sleep in a bra destroys the body

There is a belief that sleeping in a bra on makes breasts remain solid, but the reality is that women who sleep in a bra, because of the pressure, have less melatonin in the body. Besides disrupting disrupts sleep and thus destroying immunity, the sleep in a bra can cause changes in the menstrual cycle.

7.The sleep with lights on destroys the brain

Scientists have determined that the light during night sleep significantly affects the brain, which results in weight gain, depression, and a reduced level of melatonin.

8.8. Artificial sweeteners cause obesity

Studies have shown that those who ate saccharin gained more weight than those who ate sucrose, or sugar.

Artificial sweeteners stimulate the body to begin secreting enzymes, but since they have no nutritional value, rather than spending them, the body stores them.

9.Even a quarter of the bottles with liquid soap in public toilets are full of bacteria

Do not think that this is the case of only those ones in public toilets, but this is also true for those bottles in offices, cafes, restaurants.

10.Vitamin C in candies and chewing pills erodes teeth

Vitamin C is actually ascorbic acid which softens tooth enamel, which is additionally damaged by friction with hard candy.

11.Smart phones do not allow you to relax

The fact that at any moment you can check your email only increases your stress.

12.Piercings can seriously damage your nerves and brain

The popular face piercings can damage the nerve that connects the nerves responsible for sensation with the appropriate centers in the brain.

Badly placed piercing can disrupt the harmony and balance between the eyes and may cause dizziness.

13.The laser printer is more dangerous than smoking

Even 40 percent of laser printers emit particles of toner that act on lungs like the smoke from a cigarette. Repeated exposure can cause diseases commonly encountered in miners working in coal mines.

14.Along with chocolate, we also eat toxic lead

The largest cocoa producer, Nigeria has not yet prohibited gasoline with lead by law.

15.Closed spaces destroy sex life

Vitamin E is the most important for the production of testosterone.

16.Mobile phones are dirtier than the toilet shell

Studies have shown that office tables have 21000 microbes, mobiles around 25,000, and toilet shell have only 49.

17.Artificial light makes you ill

Fluorescent bulbs and too light rooms cause headaches, fatigue, nausea and erectile dysfunction.

18.Boredom causes heart attacks

People who are bored at work, and those who do not have enough challenges in life, have bigger chances of heart attack.

The heart muscle will get used to the slower beat, and then any shock or surprise can be literally life threatening.

19.The air in the office is even 100 times more polluted than outside

Office buildings built after the seventies are designed to have excellent isolation. The air circulates through the inside of the building, so that it saves energy for its heating, but while passing through various filters, the air collects much dirt, including dangerous black mold spores. Moreover, the concentration of carbon monoxide in this air is much higher.