2 Powerful Ingredients That Clean Up Your Body From Parasites And Reduces Fat Deposition

Most of us really fancy sweets, but the sad truth is that sugar has a detrimental effect on our health.

Excess amounts of sugar cause high amounts of mucus which is a favorable environment for the development of bacteria and fungus.

Therefore, the existence of parasites in the intestines which thrive off the mucus reduces your body energy. Consequently, you crave for something sweet, and apparently, it is a charmed cycle.

Parasites enjoy living in the fat deposits, so the more parasites you have in the body, the more fat is deposited. ,

As soon as you remove them from the body, you will be surprised by your high levels of energy! The following natural recipe will help you to quickly get rid of parasites, and thus, from fat deposits as well:


  • 10 grams of dried cloves
  • 100 grams of linseed


You should grind the ingredients until their mixture is in a powder form.


Add 2 tablespoons of this powder to your breakfast, or to a glass of warm filtered water. Consume it for 3 days, and make a 30day break. Then, repeat the treatment once more. It should last for a month.

Perform this cleansing procedure several times a year to prevent parasites and reduce fat deposits.

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