20 Unusual Ways to use Ordinary Things, Which Will Blow Your Mind and Improve Your Life

We provided you with these useful tips for an easier life. We guarantee you that your everyday problems are going to disappear with ease and you will finally have a smile on your face and a good mood.

  1. Quickly dry your footwear


The trick is in salt. Heat it in a pan, pour in a sock and then place the sock inside the shoes. If the moisture does not disappear in a certain period, repeat the process.

  1. Calming down

If you want to quickly calm down, press the piece of skin between the nose and lips with your thumb, holding it like that for 3 seconds. This can help you even when you think that you are going to experience a nervous breakdown!

  1. Cook the potatoes faster

Just add a little butter in the pan and the potatoes will be cooked faster!

  1. Headache

Cut a lemon and rub your forehead. It may sound silly, but you will be able to calm your headache.

  1. How to widen new shoes

Wear thick socks and make your new shoes wider. While wearing your socks like that, warm them with a hair dryer for about 10 minutes.

  1. Removing odors from the kitchen

This is very simple. Pour a tablespoon of vinegar in a saucepan and heat it until the vinegar evaporates.

  1. Sore throat

If you drink warm milk with cardamom, any inflammation or sore throat will disappear much easier.

  1. Easy way to start a fire


If you are in urgent need of fire, just remember to use chips. It will start a fire easier than any other liquid for lighters. It will help you even when the firewood is wet!

  1. How to check if the eggs are fresh

This is easy -- if you put the eggs in cold water, the fresh eggs will sink. The ones that are floating on the surface need to be thrown away.

  1. Replace the eggs with bananas when baking

You can replace eggs with bananas when making pastry or pie. Half a banana is approximately equal to one egg.

  1. Removing the residual glue from the glass

Removing glue residues can be done with the help of regular oil. Just pour a little on the glass, leave for 10 minutes and wipe with a napkin.

  1. Cook beans faster

Did you forget to put water in your beans or peas? Cook it in saline water, adding a tablespoon of cold water every 7-10 minutes. In this way you will cook without problems.

  1. Removing ink from clothing


Acetone will be helpful. Just rub it on the affected area.

  1. What to do with cracked eggs

A cracked egg can be useful. Boil it in the normal way and then use it for making sandwiches or salads.

  1. Cook milk faster

Milk will cook faster if you add a pinch of sugar.

  1. An easy way to cut cheese


Before you grate the cheese, apply a little oil on the grater. The cheese will not stick and the grater will be easier to wash.

  1. Making the meat even tastier

One of the most delicious meals can be served chopped. If you are going to marinate it while it is in the refrigerator, it will be much tastier!

  1. How to reuse lemons

The lemon that begins to dry can regain that freshness again. Just leave it in water for a couple of hours.

  1. Collecting glass splinters

With the help of plasticine you can pick up even the smallest remnants of glass splinters.

  1. Protect your smartphone

The screen of the phone can be easily scratched if you do not protect it yourself. Pour a little toothpaste on a cloth and gently rub the screen. All of the scratches will disappear. Remove the paste in order to dry the screen.