3 Workout Mistakes That Slow Metabolism

Introduce some change to your exercising

If you are doing the same exercises every month, you will not be only one who will get bored, and your muscles will also share the same opinion. Whether it is a 30-minute daily walk or the strength-increasing exercises that you do every day over and over again, after a while your body will stop responding to your effort and your successful results will start decreasing, according to MSN.



Introduce some new activities to your exercising. Instead of walking for the weekends, experts suggest hiking. Find some new exercises for your target group of muscles. Use DVDs in your daily exercising routine, or whatever comes to your mind. Any change is more than welcomed.


Aerobic exercises should not be your only choice

Aerobic exercises are good and useful, but try combining it with some strenght increasing exercises for the whole body. Do some exercises that will strengthen your body, increase your muscle mass and improve your physical condition. In their 30s, women annually lose about 2 pounds of muscle mass per year. This process takes a little longer in men, but on the other hand, their muscle mass rapidly disappears after men reach the age of 60.

Losing muscle mass slows the metabolism because muscles burn calories even when you rest. A study has shown that aerobic exercising that includes strength-increasing activities burns twice as much fat than doing aerobic exercises only. So during your aerobic exercising, do some exercises that will increase your power as well, and experts suggest that you do such exercises at least twice a week.

Exercise briskly

People are sometimes confused by the fact that the easier pace of exercising will help them burn more fat in comparison to more aggressive exercises, but the truth is that if you try a bit harder you will burn more calories for sure. We will give you an example that will hopefully help you understand this more easily. If a woman who weighs 68 pounds walks on a treadmill at a speed of about 5 miles per hour she will burn 112 calories in 30 minutes. Half of the calories burned (56) are the calories from fat.

If this same woman walks on a treadmill for about 6.5 miles per hour, she will burn 170 calories in 30 minutes, and 68 of these come from the fat. Health experts suggest that you combine your exercises, do them more vigorously, then slow down for a few minutes and accelerate the pace again.