5 Reasons Not to Throw Away the Used Tea Bags

After use, we are accustomed to the fact that it is logical that tea sachets end up in the trash. However, it turned out, this was unfair. The point is that even the used bags are too beneficial to become waste.

These 5 ingenious ideas of ​​using tea bags will surely find application in your household. After that, you will not place them near the trash can.

So, here’s how you can use the tea bag in the household:

1.You have problems with the skin? Scratches, bruises, redness, inflammation and insect bites can be made less visible with the help of teabags.

Just keep a bag under running cold water for a few seconds and hold it on the problematic place for 15 minutes.

Tea contains tannin, which will remove the inflammation and irritation, it will reduce the redness and swelling.

Be sure to try this trick! Pigment spots, herpes and eye bags are also easily removed with the help of cold compresses of tea sachets.

2.Dry the used tea bags. The unpleasant odor from shoes will disappear if you put a bag of tea inside them.

It will soak the excess moisture and mustiness in itself. It is very reasonable to keep your shoes in this way.

  1. How to clean the heavily soiled dishes without the use of chemicals and how not to waste time scouring hardened traces of food?-

Soak the dishes during the night in a sink filled with water, and throw a bag of tea in there. You will clean all dirt and grease from the dishes in the morning, without any problems!

  1. Tea bags are not popular among small rodents, spiders and insects. The smell of tea scares them and dispels them.

Spread the tea bags in places where pests were observed, they will no longer appear there.

  1. If you put a used tea bag in the refrigerator, there will always rule the pleasant smell. It will absorb the odors of foods and maintain a balance of moisture in the place where you preserve food.

Watch this video on how to properly use tea bags to benefit from them: