5 Simple, But Very Effective Exercises That You Can Practice Аnywhere You Want

We do not need to talk about how hard it is sometimes to make yourself exercise. It seems that we do exercises because of our health, and the feeling is better after the exercise …

But we often lack strength and will. In particular, it is even tougher if we have to go somewhere to practice. For this we need time. So, the exercises are just being delayed and delayed ..

The advantage of these exercises will surely make you fall in love in them. You will be able to practice in this way at any free time, in any wardrobe: they are very simple and do not require additional equipment.

The lunch break at work -- is an excellent opportunity for this. That’s what many women fantasize about.

So, here are 5 simple, but very effective exercises:


Stand straight, relax your shoulders. Easy make a half- squat position, resisting the hands on the knees. Stay in a tense position for 15 seconds. 10 repetitions will be enough.



Do shallow squats, and put your palms together. Feel the tension in the back and arms. This exercise improves straight posture. Make sure you do not throw your head down, control the position of the back. Repeat 10 times.


  1. Horse.

Place the legs as widely as possible and crouch, spread your hands apart and stretch. Return to the original position, straight your body. Do 10 repetitions.


  1. Ballet.

Find a proper place to lean on, the back of the chair will suit perfectly. Take the position from the previous exercise. Now, straightening up your body, hold on to the chair and throw the legs to one side. You should feel the muscles of the inner thighs working. These zones will no longer be a problem, if you work often these simple movements.


  1. Wire.

Lean back on the back of the chair, straighten the body. Stand on your toes. Hold in this position for a minute.


These simple exercises will quickly transform your figure, of course, if you are not lazy.

These exercises were created for women who are perpetually in a hurry, and do not spare enough time for sports.

In any dressing room, at any place, you can get closer to the beauty and health with these simple exercises. It is worth a try!