6 Amazing Home Remedies To Cure Gastritis Naturally

Gastritis is the result of excessive secretion of gastric acid which makes irritation to the gastric mucosa. It usually appears when people eat too much spicy food, use a larger quantity of synthetic drugs, drink a lot of coffee and alcohol, smoke cigarettes or they are too nervous.


The most important symptom of gastritis is the pain in the stomach, first comes the nausea, than the vomiting and bloating of the stomach. Gastritis symptoms are more intense when the stomach is empty or immediately after the entry of harmful foods and substances.

Gastritis can not be ignored because if you are in this state a long time it can easily lead to ulcers, which endanger your health, complicate the situation and it is difficult to cure.

Fortunately, the treatment of gastritis can be very successful with a little help from natural resources, especially if they are used in the early stages of the disease.So if you have these problems with your stomach you have to know that natural medicines for gastritis are all around us. The best way is to try proven traditional medicine.


A very popular and effective natural medicine for gastritis is cabbage juice. It protects the gastric mucosa, eases the pain and prevents possible further irritation and ulcer formation in the stomach.


Parsley is also known as a very effective medicine for gastritis treatment. It is necessary to prepare tea from this herb and this is the recipe: chop several parsley roots (about 3-4 tablespoons). Pour 2 dl of boiling water and wait 15 minutes. Drink it slowly, 2-3 cups a day will be sufficient.

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