6 Efficient Herbs To Treat Infertility In Man and Woman

Infertility is one of the greatest health problems of the modern age, and it is constantly growing. Experts say that the reason for this is probably our stressful lifestyle. The results of many surveys have shown that conceiving is the main problem of about 15 percent of the newlyweds. Have you ever considered to ask Mother Nature for some help?



To treat infertility successfully you should first find the root of the problem and determine its main cause. In women, infertility is often caused by polycystic ovaries, hormonal disorders, stressful lifestyle, while in men the problem usually occurs in cases of reduced sperm count, poor motility, and abnormal sperm structure.

Which herbs can help you?

If you think you have tried everything, and there is still no baby on the road, try using some herbs that are believed to heal infertility and assist in conception. Since ancient times people have been using different plants to treat this problem.

Incense, , obtained from resin has been used for thousands of years as a powerful ally in the fight against infertility. Science has proven that when the resin is heaten,  its phenols have antiseptic properties, and provide soothing and disinfectant effect. In Eastern medicine infertility treatments for women include stomach massage and incense, and the treatments for men include massage of the whole body. Incense can be also used for inhalation because when inhaled its healing and medicinal substances go directly into the bloodstream.


In ancient times lady’s mantle was used as a remedy for different health problems in women, including infertility. Over the years, science has confirmed its powerful medicinal properties and today it is considered as one of the most efficient plants in the fight against women’s health problems.

Chaste tree has tiny little flowers that smell same as pepper and have the power to place estrogen and progesterone in their right balance. Studies have shown that women who take supplements based on chasteberry got pregnant in just a few months after they have started the therapy.


In the Eastern medicine people have used black cumin for centuries to treat infertility, lowered uterus, painful menstruation, and it is also believed to be a powerful aphrodisiac.

There have been many discussions on green tea whenever infertility came to topic, and it is not only known for its soothing effect, but green tea also helps in the weight loss process, and the latest studies have found that it also cures infertility. Women who drink a single cup of green tea every day increase their chances of conception.

Sage is one of the most popular herbs, and its healing properties have been largely discussed. Its Latin name (Salvia officinalis), means ‘to save itself’ also resembels the herb’s power. Both men and women who have problems with infertility should drink sage tea.