8 Situations In Which You Should Not Wear A Thong

Regardless of the fact that thongs are the best friends of tight white pants and dresses, there are at least eight situations when you should replace them with plain cotton underwear.

  1. A thong of synthetic materials

When you reach for a thong made of synthetic material, consider that your private parts are especially unhappy. Synthetic materials easily retain moisture and do not allow the vagina to breathe, which will consequently result in serious infections. If you have to wear a thong, it must be a cotton one.

  1. You wear your workout clothes all day

Tight clothing such as nylon also prevents circulation of air. If you add a thong to that, then you have created an ideal environment for bacteria. Therefore, when exercising or if you are in tight leggings the whole day, wear cotton underwear and if necessary, put a spare pair in your backpack.

  1. 3. You have an infection

If you are, by any chance, currently curing a yeast infection or bacteria, then the first thing you should do, is to stop wearing a thong.

  1. 4. You are Pregnant

During pregnancy, the intimate parts are particularly sensitive, and therefore in this case it is best to opt for cotton underwear.

  1. You do not keep the hygiene regularly

Daily washing the vagina with a pH neutral soap, twice reduces the chances of infection. If you do not have this habit, and you wear a thong on a daily basis, then expect unpleasant symptoms at any time.

  1. 6. If you use perfumed gels

Gynecologists advise to stay away from these products, but if you really cannot do without them, then it would be best to avoid combining them with thongs.

  1. You are ill

This means that your immune system is weakened, which increases the risk of infections.

  1. 8. When you go to choose a swimsuit

Be sure to wear boxers, because only in this way, you will protect yourself from bacteria found on swimsuits when you try them on. By wearing a thong, you risk to return home with a number of new bacteria.