You Can Change Everything by only walking for 15 Minutes!

Walking is one of the most important things we do every day. Unless we are physically unable to do it we are not aware how important walking can be. You should definitely pay more attention to walking when you are old.

The benefits of walking

According to a recent study that was conducted on adults over 65, walking for 15 minutes can decrease the rate of mortality by 22%.

The lead researcher gives you a very important message: ‘ You should exercise without using your age as an excuse’. Compared to many medical treatments, walking on a regular basis has a better effect on your general health.

You should not give up since less than half of the older adults are actually able to achieve the recommended 75 minute exercise. You need to be persistent and believe in yourself.

You should not be surprised by this. Walking will give amazing results on your overall health. This fact has been proven by many different studies. You should consider walking as an aerobic exercise.

When we are talking about aerobic exercise we actually mean stimulating the heart and the respiratory rates. In this way your body will pump additional oxygen to your muscles. If you walk faster, the activity becomes more aerobic.

The nutrients we enter will go where they have to go and support the exercise if we increase our circulatory, respiratory and cardiovascular operations. In order to help our bones, organs and muscles to be straightened we should use energy and not store it.

The fact that we need to move our bodies is very important . We would experience many illnesses and diseases if we choose not to exercise. You can also cause the so-called sedentary death syndrome if you have low levels of physical activity.

Yes, this condition actually exists. Illnesses, diseases and millions of premature deaths can be results of this condition.

For better life, choose to walk

A study that was conducted in 2016 shows that you are able to increase the lung capacity of obese children in just 6 weeks.

You will be able to do that if you include 45 minute- long walks every day. If you want to achieve better results and improve your overall fitness level you need to walk faster.

By walking outdoors you are going to support your mental health. Our computers and mobile phones are not as important as nature and it’s beauty.

Besides improving our mood, walking will help us lower depression and decrease the everyday stress. Since it supplies us with the necessary amount of vitamin D, the sunshine is especially important for our health. You should always choose to walk outside.

Besides that, you will achieve amazing results if you try to walk on a treadmill. It is as productive as walking outdoors. In this way you are going to increase your mental activity.

Walks in the park

You will improve your mobility if you work on a regular basis. You will reduce the risk of injury by having an increased mobility.

We are going to give you a simple example, when you get injured and it hurts a lot, you do not touch the affected area since it will hurt even more. This is the reason why walking is recommended to people who are suffering from arthritis and joint problems.

The American heart Association against hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and stroke highly recommends working. You should take simple steps, you don’t have to walk for 30 minutes every single day.

You are able to work for 15 minutes if you divide it into two parts. It is recommended to walk slowly in the beginning and increase the pace after some period of time.

If you are experiencing sleeping problems, it is recommended to take a walk. You are able to improve your Insomnia with only one walk. The only thing left for you is to try it!

The obvious

7 countries conducted a study where the main subject were the benefits of walking. This study lasted for 11 years.

They noticed the following results: decreased mortality risk by 32%, decrease in the appearance of cardiovascular diseases by 31%.

You are going to prevent the most serious diseases by only walking 5.5 miles a week at 2 mph. We often choose not to go to the gym because of our busy lifestyle.

However, we are all able to walk for 15 minutes. You are going to achieve incredible results by making walking a habit. Comfortable sneakers and 15 minutes of your time will be enough.

Walk and you are going to improve your overall health.