You Can Treat Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis And Other Skin Allergies With This Miracle Plant

Aloe Vera was used by many history’s famous figures such as Cleopatra and Christopher Columbus. This amazing plant has a lot of powerful healing properties.

Aloe Vera is also commonly known as “wonder plant”, “lily of the desert” or “burn plant”. It is also believed that Aloe Vera comes from Sudan.

Aloe Vera is rich in naturally-occurring amino acids, vitamins and minerals that are really important for the optimal health. It is packed with 75 active compounds that contribute a lot to our health.

Some of the vitamins that Aloe Vera contains are A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C and E. Magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, sodium and copper are some of the minerals that this amazing plant contains.

Aloe Vera is often used as topical ointment for skin abrasions, sun damage, burns and skin conditions manifested by redness and swelling since this plant is best known for its soothing properties. However, Aloe Vera is a multipurpose plant with deeper healing and versatile properties.

For example, Aloe Vera will increase the alkalization in the body, promote normal stomach lining, support memory and learning, will relieve constipation and much more when it is taken orally.

If you want to know all of Aloe Vera’s properties, read the list below:

  1. Remove Makeup: You are able to clean your make up with the use of Aloe Vera since it offers cooling properties that have a calming effect on the skin.
  2. Hair conditioner: If you want to use Aloe Vera as a hair conditioner, you will have to massage with a small amount of Aloe Vera gel. Before rinsing it off, you will have to let it work for about two minutes.
  3. Shampoo- enhancer: You are able to make your hair shiner and healthier by adding a small amount of Aloe Vera to your shampoo.
  4. Increase hair growth: Aloe Vera is the perfect plant if you want to grow your hair due to its richness in enzymes that promote hair growth.
  5. Treat acne: Aloe Vera is very effective in treating acne due to its ability to reduce inflammation.
  6. Prevent and eliminate stretch marks: Aloe Vera is able to prevent and remove stretch marks since it has regenerative properties.
  7. Heal sunburns: Aloe Vera is the perfect solution for healing sunburns due to its antiseptic properties.
  8. Skin- moisturizer: Aloe Vera is able to strengthen the skin tissue and moisturize its texture by supplying the cells with oxygen.
  9. Treat herpes, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and other skin allergies: You are able to treat conditions such as herpes, psoriasis, dermatitis and other skin allergies since Aloe Vera has the ability to penetrate deeply into the skin layers.
  10. Personal lubricant: Aloe Vera works as an effective moisturizer.
  11. Shaving gel: It gives a smooth surface without the common irritation and redness due to its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.
  12. Strengthen your nails: If you want to strengthen your nails with the help of Aloe Vera you can either massage them with Aloe Vera gel or soak the nails in Aloe Vera juice.
  13. Swollen gums: If you want to treat your swollen gums with Aloe Vera, just apply it on the affected area. This will optimize the body’s defense mechanisms and soothe your swollen gums.
  14. Ease menstrual cramps: You will be able to ease menstrual cramps, reduce fatigue and alleviate pain with the use of Aloe Vera juices.
  15. Fight the flu or colds: As we mentioned before, Aloe Vera is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. So, by including Aloe Vera in your everyday lifestyle, you will be able to strengthen the immune system and protect yourself from the flu and colds.