This Damn Plant Caused Death to My Son! It is Able to Kill a Child in 1 Minute and an Adult in15! Please be Aware…

Even though you may think that some of the things are good, it can turn out to be bad. Since plants are good for your overall health, most of us can agree that every house needs something green.

Many people will even choose to live in a rain forest just to be surrounded with all of the green.

I recommend you to read the following content carefully. I lost my son because of one horrible plant. He put a piece of leaf in his mouth, and he swelled to suffocation.

Many homes and offices are decorated with this plant. Even though you can find it everywhere, this plant is very poisonous and dangerous. It is able to kill a child in 1 minute and an adult in 15 minutes.

You should never put your fingers near your eyes if you touch it by any chance. This could have a horrible consequence since it can cause you a permanent blindness. Tell this to all of your friend and family members.

This plant can cost you a life. That is why we chose to share all of the information about this horrible plant. Our main goal is to protect people from it.

Everything started when the little Esteban, who was 5 years old, said that he was not feeling very good. At the beginning his father thought that he just has an indigestion problem or fatigue.


However, his father started to get worried when he noticed that his child was starting to have difficulties while breathing and a strange color on his skin.

The first thing he did was calling the ambulance. The ambulance came immediately and transferred the little child to the hospital.

He was immediately admitted to the poisoning emergency. All of the people were concerned. Nobody knew what was really happening.

After ½ hours, the results came. The doctors were doing everything they can, but unfortunately the results were devastating. The little child died.

The reason for his death was something poisonous that he had consumed. Everyone was in shock. Nobody knew what caused this problem which resulted in something horrible as this.

The family ordered a blood test in order to find out the reason why this had happened. When the results came, they found out that the large dose of a chemical called calcium oxalate was the cause of the child’s death.

The plant known as Diefenbaker contains this dangerous chemical. This plant in the countries of Latin America is known as Amoena. Many people have this plant as a decoration since it has a great resistance to be in the shade without the need for sunlight.

However, this plant has a high rate of poisoning when consumed, so you need to be extra careful if you choose to keep it around your children.

According to data from 2006, there were 64,250 cases of poisoning with plants in the United States. Unfortunately, 75% were children under the age of 5.

The National Library of medicine of the United States recommends you to clean the mouth with cold, wet cloth if you had contact with this poisoning plant.

If your eyes were in contact with the plant, rinse your eyes since it can cause you blindness. Immediately go to the hospital.

This plant is dangerous for your life and you need to be extra careful around it. Since it is very dangerous please share this with everyone you love.