Do You Know? What Danger Lies Behind the Number Of The Index “E” In The Name of Additives in Food? Read Now!

Rare is the food on the shelves of shops and supermarkets in the package which states -- “The product is natural and does not contain additives.”

In the list of these same additives often appears the letter “E”. Additives are added to increase products’ shelf life, to maintain constant color and consistency.

The letter “E” is added on each additive with a three-digit or four-digit number. It is not spoken much about the dangers of the products containing the substance “E”.

This is really bad, especially if used frequently and in large quantities.

Here are some examples:

  • Contributes to the occurrence of malignant diseases (cancer): E 103, E 105, E 121, E 125, E 126, E 130, E 131, E 142, E 152, E 210, E 211, E 213-2 , E 240, E 330, E 447.
  • The cause of diseases of the digestive tract: E 221-226, 320-322 E, E 338-341, E 407, E 450, E 461-466.
  • Allergens: E 230, E 231, E 232, E 239, E 311-313.
  • Harmful to the liver and kidneys: E 171-173, E 320-322.

There are supplements that are made from natural products and are allowed to use.

These are:

E150- Alkaline caramel



E160c-ekstrakt paprike

E162- betanin beetroot


E296-malic acid



E 901- Beeswax and others.