Efficient Home Treatment for Facial Cleansing – It Cleans Pores and Removes Blackheads

Every day the pores get clogged by fat, died- off cells, dirt and dust reach the skin of the face every time you go out.


If you do not clean clogged pores, they are converted to acne and pimples, so that is why it is necessary, from time to time, to clean them.

It is not obligatory to visit the beauty salon to do this treatment, you yourself, in your home, can do the cleaning of your face at the professional level, and you will be satisfied with the result.

Try this treatment for facial cleansing at home. It cleans pores, refreshes the skin of the face and removes blackheads. Do the following:

Prepare a cleansing mixture:

  • Mix well two tablespoons of shaving cream with half a teaspoon of baking soda.
  • Wash your face in the usual way, pick up the hair for the face to be discovered.
  • Boil water in a small sauce pan, about 200 ml, and insert 1-2 tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers.
  • Place the sauce pan on the table, place your head above the pan, cover with a towel and steam the face, about 5-7 minutes.
  • On the steamed, wet face, apply the prepared mixture, avoiding the areas around the eyes and mouth.
  • lice so krema
  • Go to the bathroom, turn on the tap with hot water, and under the running water, put a soft brush for the face (or  toothbrush). You need it soft. Although there is a special brush for the face, you can use this regular one, for brushing teeth.

cetka za lice2Special brush for the face

  • Now gently, but dynamic, clean the skin of the face. Pay particular attention to the nose and forehead.
  • Wash with water.
  • Look in the mirror -- no black spots, pores are clean and the face is very smooth.
  • efficient-home-treatment-for-facial-cleansing-it-cleans-pores-and-removes-blackheads1

Such a procedure can be done once a week.