Finally Revealed the Secret of Teeth Whitening and Bright Smile – Natural Homemade Treatment

On this occasion, we present to you the way you will get your angelic radiant smile. The tasteful green leaves of kale contribute to excellent teeth whitening, say experts from dental offices Lowenberg, Lituchy and Kantor in New York.


  • Since the leaves of kale are thick and solid, they are excellent to take off surface stains while you chew them.

If you add nuts, pieces of cottage cheese and slices of green apple to the kale, you can get a salad that will only further work on teeth whitening and your bright smile.

Nuts, which are crispy, together with the kale, will remove stains from tooth enamel, and the cheese will add the needed calcium.

The ‘sharpness’ of the apples helps to strengthen gums, and high water content helps saliva to cleanse the mouth of bacteria.