Ginger on Your Window. How to Grow Ginger at Home

The healing properties of ginger can be enumerated in a highly long list, and you are convinced in most of them.

It is very useful for strengthening the immune system and is quite effective in fighting against viral infections.

But at the same time, the ginger is quite an expensive pleasure. Do not waste your money on its purchase and try to cultivate it on your window.

In that way you can always enjoy the fresh roots of this magical fruit.

Ginger feels very good in home conditions. It is important to know that the vegetation period of this plant lasts 8-10 months. The ginger root is planted in February-March.

If you can not imagine your life without ginger, try to cultivate it in on your own window. You will save a lot of money and you will always have fresh roots.

How to grow the ginger at home

1.Before planting, the root needs to be woken up. Put it in a weak solution of water and permanganate (potassium permanganate, which is sold in a pharmacy) and leave it there for a few hours.

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2.After that, put it in a plastic bag, until the roots get eyes, such as potatoes.

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3.Then divide the root in several parts, and every part must have at least one well-developed bud.

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4.Plant these pieces in shallow but wide pots filled with soil, humus and sand in the ratio 1: 1: 1/2

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The first shoots should appear in 1-2 months. In good conditions the shoots can reach higher than one meter.

In autumn, when the shoots die, pull out the root, clean it from the soil and keep it in a dry place.

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Use one part of the extracted roots for food or medical treatment, and save the other part for the next season so you can plant it in the same way.
Keep the fresh ginger root in the bottom shelf of your refrigerator for a month, and the dried (powdered) ginger about 4 months.