Glyphosate Found in 100% of California Wine Tested, Even Organic

If you are a wine lover, this news will, unfortunately, worry you, as while sipping your favorite wine, you might actually intake a significant amount of Monsanto’s infamous Roundup herbicide.

Namely, the national GMO awareness group, Moms Across America, sent 10 bottles of California wine, including organic and biodynamic brands, to Microbe Inotech Lab in St.Louis, where researchers found that all of them contained glyphosate.

All the wines came from the northern coastal region of California — Napa Valley, Sonoma and Mendocino counties — aka ” Wine Country.”

Moreover, the tests found that the contamination levels were 28 times higher in conventional wine than organic wine, with levels ranging from .659 parts per billion in organic to 18.74 parts per billion in conventional wine.

The richest bottle of glyphosate was a 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon from a conventional, chemically-farmed vineyard, and the lowest concentration was detected in a 2013 Syrah from a biodynamic and organic vineyard, whose owner claimed that it was never sprayed.

Moms Across America reported:

“This results in a 2-to 4- foot strip of Roundup sprayed the soil with grapevines in the middle. According to Dr. Don Huber at a talk given at the Acres USA farm conference in December of 2011, the vine stems are inevitably sprayed in this process and the Roundup is likely absorbed through the roots and bark of the vines from where it is translocated into the leaves and grapes.”

According to German scientists, even .1 ppb of glyphosate destroys beneficial gut bacteria and promotes the proliferation of pathogenic gut bacteria, which are responsible for 70% of the immune system.

Additionally, .1 part per trillion of glyphosate has been found to stimulate the growth of breast cancer cells.

Glyphosate is classified as a “probable carcinogen” by the World Health Organization, and it is enlisted as a “known carcinogen” by the State of California.

The California Department of Pesticide Registry reports that in 2013, of the 57,000 pounds of glyphosate/Roundup used in Napa County, 50,000 pounds were applied on vineyards. Moreover, the California Department of Health adds that breast cancer rates there, as well as in Sonoma and Mendocino, are 10-20% higher than the national average. It is believed that, since this pesticide is commonly used in the regions, airborne drift from nearby vineyards is contaminating organic crops.

Dr. Mercola  warns:

“Increasing exposure to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, may be at least partially to blame for rising rates of numerous chronic diseases in Westernized societies, according to recent research.

The finding, published in Entropy, has ramifications for virtually every man, woman, and child in developed nations, as this pesticide is widely used on both conventional and, especially, genetically modified (GM) crops (to the tune of more than one billion pounds sprayed in the US alone).

If you eat processed foods, most of which are made with GM corn and soy ingredients, you’re consuming glyphosate residues, probably in each and every bite. “