Here is What You Need To Check Next Time You Buy Bottled Water

In this article you will learn what you need to check when you buy bottled water.

In order to protect their health consumer are recommended to check the bottom of the bottled water they are buying.

Bottles labeled with marking such as PP, HDPE, HDP and others are not harmful for our health because they do not release any toxic materia in the water they are filled with. Sometimes the letters may represent what chemicals are in the water you are about to drink.

Every company that bottles water must label its bottles, so, after you read this article you will know which bottles are harmful to your health and which are not.


PETE or PET -- Single-use bottles are labeled with PETE or PET. This kind of bottles may release chemicals and heavy metals in the water which can affect hormonal balance.

HDPE or HDP -- The healthiest bottled water you can buy is filled in plastic bottles with labels HDPE or HDP. These bottles are considered healthiest because they practically do not release any chemicals or harmful substances.

3V or PVC -- Bottles labeled with 3V or PVC may affect your hormones because they release 2 toxic chemicals.

LDPE -- This type of plastic is never used for bottles even though it does not release any substances or chemicals harmful for our health. Instead, this plastic is used for production of plastic bags.

PP -- The semi transparent or white colored plastic labeled with PP is used for making yogurts cups and packing syrups.

PS -- The label PS means that this kind of plastic releases some carcinogenic chemicals and it is mostly used for making fast food casings and coffee cups.

BPA -- The plastic that is used for production of food containers and sports water bottles is the most dangerous of all plastic used in the food industry because it releases BPA chemicals.

So, next time you buy bottled water make sure you check the label on the bottle.

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