How to Grow Cucumbers Indoors – Efficient And Practical Cultivation Of Cucumber In A Barrel

Owners of small parcels are being tortured: how to plant different fruits and vegetables on a smaller piece of land, and get a good yield.

Fortunately, there are various tricks that allow you to save space for growing vegetables.

Thus, in one barrel can you can grow as many cucumbers, as on the surface of 3 meters, with much less obligations, and at the same time, you will protect the vegetable from various diseases.

There is another characteristic moment -- the cultivation of such cucumbers is a real pleasure-no bending when harvesting, or other necessary works.

How to cultivate cucumbers in the barrel:

Put one or several barrels on the sunny side of your parcel. At the bottom of the barrel store some organic waste: leaves, grass, straw, roots, banana peels and other fruits and vegetables, branches or weeds.

Also, use a fertilizer. Fill the barrel.

In May, fill the barrel with soil to the top, about 10-15 cm.


Water it and immediately plant the seeds of cucumbers. You will need approximately 9-10 seeds for one barrel. Plant them at a distance of 12-15 cm.

To conserve the heat, cover the barrel with nylon, black- for best results, because black attracts heat from the sun. Or you can use an empty plastic bottle.


Plants will grow like yeast, if you provide them with an optimal microclimate with the help of a small pot with water in the middle of the barrel, which is to be filled with water when needed.

In mid-June, when the weather is warm, you can remove the nylon. Cucumbers grow and twine around the barrel.

In order the wind to not hurt the plant, you can tie the cucumber to the barrel with a thin cord.


Cucumbers do not require some special care. Water them with 5-7 liters of water once in 3-4 days, if no rain.


You can get the same amount of cucumbers in this way as in three rows in the garden.