An Incredible Trick to remove Lime and Dirt from Irons

Even though you may have not noticed this, but you cannot use the iron after some period of time because of the accumulation of lime, dust, and dirt. If you often use steam iron, the hard water inside the iron creates deposits that clog it, which does not let the steam out as it should.

However, these deposits can be eliminated in a few minutes, and all you need are two wooden sticks (such as those for eating food), a bowl in the size of your iron and a small amount of citric acid.


Boil 200 ml of water and mix itwith one tablespoon of citric acid. Then, place the sticks 1-2 cm above the bottom of the bowl, and place the iron with the heating board facing down. Let it stand for 5-10 minutes, then clean it and dry it.

Make sure that the cable hook does not touch the water in order to avoid any unwanted consequences. After this cleaning, the iron will work better than ever!

Cleaning irons can be quick, easy, and even fun if you know a few tricks.


Here are some ways to clean the heating board:

Cleaning the heating board with sea salt

Place a paper towel or cotton cloth on the ironing board. Apply one teaspoon of salt on the surface of the towel or cloth. If you use a bigger towel or cloth it is better. Turn on the iron to the highest temperature. Turn off the steam completely. Push the iron slightly on the surface several times. It will clean stains from the iron and the surface of the iron will remain clean.

Use baking soda

Take equal parts of baking soda and water and mix until you get a paste.Then, polish the bottom of the iron with a cloth and baking soda. Clean the paste with another clean cloth, and turn on the steam. If the paste has entered in the holes of the iron board, the steam will throw it out.

Pour distilled water and vinegar in the reservoir

Fill the reservoir with equal parts of distilled water and alcoholic vinegar. Turn the steam iron.Iron a cotton piece of cloth for five minutes. Pour vinegar in the reservoir and clean the iron heating board with a clean towel.