Magical Uses Of Salt That You Must Know

Except as additive in foods, this spice has many uses that will completely alter the look of your kitchen.

Salt brings out the bad smell of containers, facilitates boiled eggs peeling, and is used to preserve the freshness of foods.

In the cheese container, add some salty water and thus your cheese will last longer and will be protected from mold.

Salting tropical fruit is common in warm countries worldwide. Add a little salt to mature pears, melons or watermelons and so you will highlight the lusciousness of the fruit. Moreover, before frying meat or potatoes, it is best to salt them before putting them in the warm oil.

So if you want some crispy French fries, salt them before frying, or afterwards, but not during cooking.

Salt is a natural preservative and can be used for longer preservation of fresh groceries. Once you open the milk or milk product, add some salt and its expiration and freshness will increase.

See a few other benefits of salt:

Prevent the oil splattering  

Before you start frying meat or potatoes, add a little salt into the pot and that will prevent the oil from splattering.

Remove the vegetables’ bitterness

Leave bitter cucumbers and zucchini in salted water for ten minutes, then wipe with a cloth.

Better smell

In plastic food containers, add some salt to prevent the spread of unpleasant odors.

Easy eggs peeling



In the water in which you boil the eggs, add a teaspoon of salt and you can peel the eggs faster than usual.

Instant cleaning

Put the vegetables that are difficult to clean in water with salt for a few minutes, then wash them.

Nicer meals


To save the green color of vegetables, especially broccoli, add some salt in the pot in which you boil it.