You Never Knew That These 18 Household Items Had Expiration Dates…

Every day we use a lot of consumer products to improve and ease our lives. However, we need to be aware that a lot of these products have expiration dates.

If we want to live a healthy life, we need to replace these household items when their date has expired. Keep this in mind, nothing lasts forever.

If you want to get more informed about these 18 household products that may cause you harm when they are not replaced, keep reading this article.

Protect the health of your family and get rid of the following products after a certain amount of time.

18 Household Items that Have Expiration Dates


  1. Power Strips

Expiration Date: after 1-2 years

You will have to repair the damage to the fire extinguisher, like some cracks in the hose, as soon as possible. You can use the power strips for 1-2 years.

  1. Disinfectants

Expiration Date: after 3 months

Only after 3 months of usage, the disinfectants can lose their effectiveness. If you want to protect your family, throw this product after 3 months of usage.

  1. Mosquito Repellents

Expiration Date: after 2 years

The mosquito repellents lose their effectiveness after 2 years of usage. If you want to protect yourself from mosquitos, do not use the same mosquito repellent you have bought 2 years ago.

  1. Power Strips

Expiration Date: after 1-2 years

You will have to be cautious with power strips. These power strips can be found all over your home. You use them for many things during the day such as charging your electrical devices. Therefore, you need to know that these power strips have limitations. You may experience some bad consequences if you exceed their capacity.


  1. Spices

Expiration Date: after 1-3 years

Have you noticed that spices lose their taste and smell after a certain period? This happens when spices are expired. You need to be aware that ground spices should not be kept for more than 6 months.

  1. Flour

Expiration Date: after 6-12 months

You need to know that the high-grade flour expires after a year while the first-grade flour expires after 6 months.


  1. Bra

Expiration Date: after 1-2 years

If you thought that bras last forever, you are completely wrong. You should replace your old bra with a new one when it starts to lose its shape and elasticity. Besides feeling uncomfortable, wearing an old bra can also cause you problems with the breasts.

  1. Running Shoes

Expiration Date: after 1 year

You are going to cause unnecessary stress to the joints when the running shoes hit 250-300 miles since the cushioning will start to break down. To prevent this from happening, put some money on the side and purchase a new pair of running shoes.


  1. Child Car Seats

Expiration Date: after 6-10 years

If you want to protect your child, you will have to replace your old child car seat with a new one after the expiration date. You will have to do this because the foam and the plastic of the seats deteriorate over time.

If the foam and plastic are deteriorated, the car seat will start to lose its shape. When the seat loses its shape, it will not be able to keep your child in place during an accident. For this exact reason, you should not use a secondhand child car seat.

  1. Pacifier

Expiration Date: after 2-5 weeks

You need to know that the latex pacifiers must be replaced on a regular basis. This needs to be done because the latex brakes easily and the cracks breed germs.


  1. Hairbrush

Expiration Date: after 1 year

You need to replace the hairbrush after 1 year of usage and clean it thoroughly once a week. You need to buy a new one every 7-10 months if your hairbrush is with natural boar bristle.

  1. Perfume and Eau De Toilette

Expiration Date: after 1-3 years

If you stored them closed, the perfumes that contain essential oils can last up to 3 years. However, if you stored them open, they will only last for 2 years. On the other hand, if you stored the Eau de toilette closed, they can be used for 4 years. If they are stored opened, they last for only 2 years.


  1. Sponge & Shower Pouf:

Expiration Date: Sponge- 2 weeks\ Shower Pouf- 6 months

If you do not replace shower utensils, you will breed mold and fungus. Expired sponges and poufs should not be used for cleaning the body. You need to boil them in hot water if you want to kill the bacteria from the shower utensils.

  1. Toothbrush

Expiration Date: after 3 months

You should replace your toothbrush when the bristles begin to wear down. After you have been sick or you have had the flu, you need to replace your old toothbrush. By doing this you will be able to prevent yourself from getting sick again.

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

Expiration Date: after 2 months

You should replace Hydrogen Peroxide every 2 months because this chemical solution will degrade into water. If this happens, this household disinfectant will not be useful anymore.

  1. Towel

Expiration Date: after 1-3 years

If you want to protect your health, you need to replace your old towels with new ones after a certain period. After showering we usually let the towels to air dry. This is a bad habit because the damp towels are the perfect environment for bacteria growth. If you want to be bacteria-free, keep this in mind and follow our advice.


  1. Pillows

Expiration Date: after 2-3 years

We are sure that every person has a favorite pillow that they sleep on every single night. However, after a certain period that exact pillow loses its shape. When this happens, you will start experiencing neck pain. Besides that, the pillow will become a home for dust mites. This is the reason why you need to buy a new one after 2 or 3 years.

  1. Slippers

Expiration Date: after 2-3 years

After having a long hard day, we love to put our favorite slippers on and relax. However, if you use them for a longer period, the slippers will become a great environment to spread fungal infections. If you want to keep them as much as possible, wash them as often as you can.

We need to be aware that every household product needs to be replaced after a certain period. If you want to take care of your health, follow our advice and replace the 18 mentioned products.