If your Pet has a Strange Behavior and turns Its Head to the Wall, you should immediately take it to the Vet! Here is the Reason why…

Everyone is prepared to give their best in order to save a pet and make it happy and healthy. However, sometimes you find yourself in situations where you simply do not know what’s going on with your four-legged friend. These are some of the important signals that your pets send when they are asking for help.

Unexplained lethargy

If your pet refuses to play its favorite games and just lies like that, there is a serious cause for concern because it indicates heart problems. Apathy may also be a symptom of other diseases, as well as a sign of infection of ticks and other parasites.

If it refuses to eat

If it refuses to eat or drink water, consider this as a sign and take your friend to the vet because it may suffer from a wide range of diseases.

Wrapping and un natural positions

Sharply bent spine or tail tucked between its legs means that your pet is in pain and you should immediately take it to the vet. There is a possibility that the pet is suffering from kidney disease.

Propensity for hiding

If your dog or cat starts to avoid contact, starts to hide around the house or starts to behave strange, you need to know that this is a clear sign that it should be tested for any health damage or disease.

The third eyelid becomes visible

Normally, the third eyelid is visible when cats sleep, but if it occurs during the day and covers almost half of the eye, you should take it to the vet because it is possible that it has health problems. If it covers the whole eye, then it may have a viral infection such as feline.

When it constantly licks the same spot

Since pets often do this, it is difficult to recognize it as a symptom. However, if you find that your pet tends to do this constantly in a tense way, take it to the vet. It is essential to take him at the right time in order to improve the situation and save its life!

Bloating, flatulence, vomiting

When these symptoms occur, experts say that there are two possible causes: parasites and worms or disturbed digestive system (problems with the liver, pancreas, poisoning). Bloating with no accompanying symptoms may indicate disorders in the urogenital system.

Lack of air

If the shortness of breath is not a result of physical activities and games, then it is a possible sign of stress. These symptoms may also indicate a presence of ticks. Consult with your veterinarian as soon as possible!

Hissing, growling, meowing and whining

When they are in pain, pets start to behave aggressively even to their owners. Do not be upset, they are just seeking for help. If sometimes they do it loudly, they are practically crying because of the pain. The causes can be high fever, encephalopathy, and other pain of varying intensity.

If they hold their head against the wall

When your pet is staring at the wall and holds its head on the surface, this may indicate a disturbed nervous system, including infection, physical damage and even cancer. Urgently contact the vet.

Difficulties in breathing

When you hear that your pet has a hard time breathing that means that its breathing moved from the chest to the abdomen. Make sure to contact your veterinarian.

Discomfort while going to the bathroom

Cats tend to release noises when they want to announce that they have difficulties while going to the bathroom. However,when you notice that it is nervously spinning in place and releasing awkward sounds, you need to know that this is a red flag.

Similarly, if your dog whines while peeing, take it to the vet. Diseases of the genitourinary system can be life-threatening.


Check if there are any swellings while you are petting your pet. If you notice that there is, look at it carefully because it can be caused by something serious. In any case, this should be checked by a veterinarian.


This is the most easily noticed symptom. If you think that this is not caused from an injury around the house (for example, injured paw from the door), contact a specialist. Do not let its condition to deteriorate.

Bowel disorders and constipation

Chronic bowel disease and constipation can be a sign of various serious diseases, including spinal cord trauma and tumor, difficult poisoning, and certain other diseases.

If your pet experiences bleeding, fever, severe changes in body temperature and loss of consciousness, contact the clinic immediately.