Press These Points On Your Baby’s Feet To Make Them Stop Crying


Reflexology has been used since ancient times, and Chinese practices it to relieve numerous ailments. Today, it is one of the most popular healing practices, and Western people are crazy about it.

It is a natural and non-invasive treatment that works well in babies, too. Babies cannot say what bothers them, and crying is their only way to respond to physical pain.

Reflexology can help you determine what is bothering your child, and you can find a fitting way to treat it.


Reflexology foot guide for babies

Babies have better reflexes than most adults, and they respond well to this technique. It is probably due to their ability to react to physical touch. Holding babies in hands and massaging their neck are some of the ways to comfort a distressed baby.

Reflexology involves applying pressure on particular spots on the body, usually set on the feet. This treatment can relieve ailments associated with corresponding parts of the body. This guide will help you relieve your baby’s condition by stimulating the right spots.

Head / Teeth

Rub the tips of your baby’s toes to relieve problems associated with its head and teeth. The stimulation of these spots can help in treating issues that affect the head, right above the neck are. This would help relieving ear infections, for instance. Use this technique to help your baby during its teething process. Performing reflexology in this case will relieve both pain and soreness.


The corresponding spot is located in the middle of the ‘Head/Teeth’ area, which is similar to the location of the sinuses in your head. Look for the spot in the middle of the toes.

Apply mild pressure on the center of your baby’s toes to reduce the intensity of sinus issues including running nose, common cold, and respiratory ailments.

This is not the cure for this ailment, but it sure reduces the symptoms and eases things for your baby.


Look for the spot that is located on the top of the foot that touches the floor, right above the arch. Stimulate this point to provide a similar effect to the sinus part, and reduces congestion.

Keep in mind that performing reflexology on this spot reduces congestion in the chest, which helps in the treatment of chronic cough and colds.

These ailments are accompanied with phlegm buildups. Scientists have confirmed that reflexology can help in relieving all forms of congestion.

Solar plexus

If your baby is having issues associated with the nerves in the area between the stomach nd the lungs, try stimulating the upper area of the arch of your baby’s foot.

It may be hard for you to determine the cause of solar plexus pain due to the variety of nerve endings and the complex location. Look for the area before the end of the arch and the spot where its foot meets the floor.

Upper and lower abdomen

The arch of the foot is associated with the abdominal area. The upper abdomen is connected with the upper part of the arch. Stimulate this area to relieve digestive issues like bowel obstruction and heartburn.

Logically, the lower part of the arch is connected with the lower abdomen. Work on this part to reduce post-digestive problems like constipation and bloating. This is what causes discomfort in babies.


The heels correspond to the pelvis of your baby. Muscle tightness and posture problems are some of the issues associated with this part of the body. Apply mild pressure on your baby’s foot.

Keep in mind that reflexology only reduces the pain and discomfort. It is not a cure for the particular ailment that bothers your baby. It only treats certain conditions and their symptoms.

The application of pressure cannot replace professional help. Consult a pediatrician to determine if your child is dealing with a severe ailment. This method is only supposed to help both you and your baby during hard times.