This is the Reason why You Should Never Consume Tilapia

Nowadays, tilapia is one of the most purchased fish in the United States. People choose to consume this type of fish because it is very affordable, has a nice taste, it is boneless and skinless, and it is easy to cook. Even though this is a problem with many other fish, you have zero chances of overcooking tilapia.

On the other hand, the tilapia that we consume is entirely a farmed fish. This means that it is very difficult and almost impossible to find a wild tilapia in any market or restaurant.

Thousands of fish are being harvested every day, which means that the farming is usually done on an industrial scale.

The farms fatten up the fish with GMO corn and soy pellets, which means that their food is not natural and is full of harmful substances. The tilapia fish eats algae and lake plants.

This type of fish is very good for our health due to its richness in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, including significant amounts of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, selenium, phosphorus, potassium and pantothenic acid.


Even though the wild tilapia can be beneficial to your health, the farm-raised tilapia can be very bad for you. Here is why:

  1. Inflammation

According to many recent studies, the farm-raised tilapia may cause more inflammation. Because of its accessibility in the United States and its cheap price, the farm-raised tilapia has always been a popular source of fish.

However, the first thing you need to get informed aboutbefore including it in your everyday diet is its correlation to inflammation. Recent studies have confirmed that by consuming tilapia you will be one step closer to experiencing a heart disease, arthritis and asthma.

This will happen because tilapia is able to worsen the inflammation, which will later result in serious health problems. You will have to exclude tilapia from your diet if you are one of those people who resort to eating more fish in order to provide your body with omega-3 fatty- acids.

You may think that by consuming tilapia you reduce the risk of getting a heart attack, but in reality it is totally opposite. According to many scientists, you have a bigger chance of getting an inflammation by consuming tilapia compared to consuming hamburger or bacon!

  1. Cancer Causing Pollutants

Compared to the wild variety, the farmed fish have at least 10 times the amount of cancer causing organic pollutants. This is caused by the food with which the farm raised fish are fed.

You will be horrified if you found out what went into the food of farm raised fish. Apparently, one of the main ingredients that go into the food of farmed fish is chicken feces. Sometimes, fish farms use pig and duck waste.

  1. Pesticides and Antibiotics

High concentrations of antibiotics and pesticides are found in farm-bred fish. You may ask- where do farm-bred fish get antibiotics? The fish are more susceptible to disease due to the crowded conditions of fish farms.

Farm owners give them antibiotics in order to keep them alive. In order to be able to fight against sea lice, the farm-bred fish are treated with pesticides. You should know that these farms use very deadly pesticides.

When a wild salmon is accidentally exposed to these pesticides it almost always results in death. These pesticides are eventually released in the ocean, which means that other marine life is exposed to them.

  1. Poor Omega-3 to Omega-6 Ratios

You also need to know that farm-bred fish have lower levels of healthy nutrients. In order to reap the omega-3 fatty acid benefits, meed to know that the omega 3-fatty acids found in wild bred fish are more usable to our bodies compared to far many of us consume fish.

However, you n-raised fish.

Wild bred fish also have greater protein content. The farm-raised fish have a higher concentration of omega-6acids because they are kept in cages and have the tendency to be fatter.

You may cause inflammation to your body due to imbalance, which will happen as a result of getting too much omega-6 acids.

  1. High Dioxin Levels

Compared to wild fish, the detox levels in farm-bred fish are 11 times higher. Cancer and other complications may occur because the dioxin is actually a very toxic chemical. Dioxin is very dangerous because when it enters the body, you will need a very long time to get rid of it. The half-life of dioxin is about 7 to 11 years.




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