Russian Miracle Recipe: Makes the Lungs of Smokers Brand New in Just 3 Months

Even though its name sounds strong, the effect of this elixir is really a miracle for cleansing the lungs of smokers!

If you are a smoker, do not miss this article in any case.

Thanks to this article, or rather on the elixir, you will get the full lung cleansing and make your doctor throw his diploma in the trash.

This elixir is called Russian miracle and although it sounds strong, it is really like that. The effect of it is so far unexplained by doctors since after three months of use, it helps the overall purification of lungs. This is very important for the people who can never give up cigarettes.

This elixir is made from the herb ribwort which is recognized as one of the top five herbs for the purification of lungs. It has been used over hundreds of years, and its widely known properties are to mitigate and cure cough.


Besides that the ribwort quickly calms inflamed mucous membranes.If we have such a problem, this herb will heal the inflammation of the lungs flawlessly.

You can quickly prepare this elixir at home by yourself, and the instructions are quite simple. You only need to purchase a handful of small ribwort leaves and put them in a glass jar.

It is necessary to pour it over with half a liter of boiling water, close the jar and let the elixir stand on your desktop or somewhere else for two hours -but not in the refrigerator.

After the two hours have passed, strain the elixir and drink it. You can drink it whenever you want and how often you desire, but you must drink all of the liquid in a day. The next day do the same thing again.Continue to make this elixir for three months. After that you should take a break.

We advise you to go to the doctor after the three months of usage and see the positive changes in the lungs by yourself. Besides cleansing the lungs, this elixir is able to encourage smokers to quit smoking even after the first dose.

This happens because the smokers will start experiencing intolerance to nicotine. And the greatest miracle of all is that you will not gain weight!