She Drank Water With Honey And Lemon Every Morning For a Year. Here’s What Happened After That

She drank water with honey and lemon every morning for a year. Crystal Davis tells the history of her incredible story of transformation.

A year ago I was severely suffering from the flu. The medicines from pharmacies were not particularly effective.

One woman recommended me to drink warm water with honey and lemon every morning. Of course, I reacted with skepticism on her recommendation, but I still tried it.

The flu passed and I started to enjoy the drink.

I started to drink it every day. This tradition lasted for a year.

During this time my body was transformed in a totally unexpected way.

Here are the changes:

For a year now I did not caught a cold. And I also did not have pain in the stomach.

It should be noted that I never believed in the power of folk medicine. I was a slave to the drug store.

If I had stomach pain -- I took pills. If the chronic fatigue troubled me -- I took vitamin pills etc. I hope you understand me.

For a whole year I did not even sneezed once. My headaches are past. Now I carry honey and lemon wherever I go. I even drink this beverage in hotels.

I no longer drink the morning coffee. And it is very easy for me to wake up.

My lemon-honey cocktail rescued me from the dependence of coffee. And along with it, I lost my headaches.

Now I have much more energy during the day. I can easily get some sleep, and I am smiling.

Previously, it would take me almost an hour to be completely awake, but now I’m not nervous and I do not have conflicts with my close ones.

Generally I forgot the last time I felt tension in the first part of the day.

People around me became healthier. And this is the greatest reward for me.

I convinced my entire family to follow my example. So, my family and I did not catch a cold or other winter troubles last year.

I do not know how this magical beverage works, but it works! I am very grateful to this woman for the advice.

My recipe

she-drank-water-with-honey-and-lemon-every-morning-for-a-year-heres-what-happened-after-that 1


Usually, for a glass of this drink I squeeze half a lemon and add one teaspoon of honey. And I pour it over with warm boiled water. I drink it every morning, after waking up.

I should say that the taste of this cocktail might change: it all depends on the honey and the lemon, which you consume.

Sometimes it is acidic and sometimes it is too sweet. But that is not important.

How does it work?

I searched the medical sites to find out what was the matter. And I learned a few important things.

This beverage protects you from infections of the urinary tract.

Lemon and honey stimulate the digestive tract, and also hydrate the colon. As a result you will get a perfect remedy against constipation and cystitis.

This beverage is diuretic, and doctors say that it is fully able to protect you from problems related to the urinary tract.

It improves digestion.

Every part of this beverage helps your digestive tract. Lemon helps the gallbladder to produce more bile. So the food is processed better, and you get more nutrients from it.

Honey has powerful antibacterial properties and therefore it is an excellent protector against infections.

Also, it makes the stomach to produce more juice, which allows the body to be more efficient in the elimination of toxins. For this same reason, it is easier to control your weight.

It compels you to shine with health and beauty.

The lemon provides many benefits for the skin. It also helps you to purify the blood. If you “feed” the organism with lemon, it will quickly produce new blood cells.

The water stimulates the production of collagen, which is very beneficial for your skin.

Basically, I strongly recommend it. Beside that, this drink is delicious. You should simply try it.