Simple Method To Detect Cancer, Which Only Includes Yogurt And Urine Test.

MIT scientists with their work came to another simple method to detect cancer, which only includes yogurt and urine test.



Professor Sangeeta Bhatia managed to develop molecules that act as biomarkers in the detection of the colorectal cancer cells.

If you drink these molecules with yogurt, they will find their way to the cancer cells, where enzymes dissolve to tiny particles and are deposed from the body through urine, says the “International Business Times”.

Earlier methods for the detection of colorectal cancer included the entry of these molecules by injection and the new method removed the invasive part with modifying bacteria in yogurt.

Tests are conducted on laboratory mice, while in clinical trials in patients this method would certainly be accepted as an extremely simpler and cheaper way in the discovery of this terrible disease.

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), only 40% of people with colorectal cancer had an early diagnosis of this disease due to the low level of examination.