The Solar Powered Cooker That Stores The Sun’s Energy For Fuel-Free Grilling Every Night

Some people would die for good barbeque. Tasty, juicy meat, marinated in aromatic herbs. It can be burgers, chicken, corn, steak, vegies… The choice is yours.

Barbeque is one of the few things that gather the whole family together, and even the neighbors. Friends are always invited, of course.

You would all agree that grills are not quite environment-friendly. You can use wood chips, charcoal, and propane – these all affect air quality.

But, this is about to change. A genius found the best barbeque-related solution, and yes, it does not harm the environment around you.

Wilson solar cookers sun without fuel

MIT professor David Wilson created a new solar technology item that takes us in a whole new era of cooking technology. His solar cooker works at night. Wilson’s invention is the best option for nations who use wood to heat up their stoves.

This item collects sun, and stores the heat for up to 25 hours, and the temperatures reach amazing 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It uses Fresnel lens to hold up the energy, and a Lithium Nitrate container that has the role of a thermal-storing battery for 25 hours.

The heat is released as you need it to prepare your meals outside.

“There are a lot of solar cookers out there,” Wilson explains, “but surprisingly not many using latent-heat storage as an attribute to cook the food.” We have seen solar cookers, grills and ovens, but we could only use them during the day. And we all enjoy our barbeque moments in the evening, right?

The idea was born after Wilson’s visit to Nigeria. People there use wood to cook their meals, and this causes major issues like respiratory diseases, deforestation, and unfortunately, most women are harassed and raped while they search the woods for firewood.

A group of successful MIT students work on the development of a prototype solar grill. Derek Ham, Theodora Vardouli, and Eric Uva are doing their own study during the multi-disciplinary “iTeams,” or “Innovation Teams” if you prefer it better.

The aim of this study is to assess the concept, and start off a business that would make the barbeque available to anyone.

This business would target developing nations, aside from the product for the American market. The American protect is a hybrid propane/solar model that enables flame cooking.

Solar-Powered Grills in near future

The future is in our hands. This would be the best gift for your father or anyone who enjoys cooking.

Do not hesitate to try this invention. Remember, you are doing the environment a favor. Mother Nature will be more than grateful. Check this website for more information on the solar-powered cooker.

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