Take Care of Your Health and Exclude the Bleached Chinese Garlic from Your Everyday Diet! Here is How You Can Recognize American Garlic…

If you are a person who loves to consume garlic on a regular basis, you need to know a couple of facts about this extremely beneficial vegetable. A lot of garlic is sold around the world. Most of the countries get the garlic from one of the greatest trade centers in the world, and that is China.

It is also important to know that around 138 million pounds of garlic were imported from the U.S in 2014.

Most of the people have consumed Chinese garlic once in their life. If you think that this type of garlic is beneficial for you, you are completely wrong. This type of garlic contains a huge amount of harmful pesticides since it is heavily bleached.

If you consume something, you will have to be aware of the things that the product contains.

Why is the Chinese Garlic Harmful to Your Health?

Most of the Americans think that the garlic they consume comes from California. However, this fact was true in the past. Now, things have been changed.

One of the largest suppliers of garlic was the city Gilroy in California. Gilroy proclaimed itself as the garlic capital of the world.

However, the Chinese cheaper production outdone Gilroy. Since the Chinese garlic was cheaper, the U.S started importing this vegetable from China.

China has been involved in many controversies when it comes to food and safety.

As we mentioned before, Chinese garlic contains a lot of pesticides and the reason for that is chlorine, which is a substance used for bleaching the garlic. This type of garlic is grown in sewage water that is not treated. In some cases, it is contaminated with lead.

When the garlic is pulled out of the soil, you can notice natural stains of dirt on the vegetable. China covers the stains with bleaching.

Henry Bell from the Australian Garlic Industry Association stated that the Chinese garlic stops sprouting because of the bleaching. This process also makes the garlic whiter and kills the insects.

The garlic is often fumigated with a deadly toxin called methyl bromide. The central nervous system and the respiratory system can often be affected by high doses of this toxin.

According to the UN, methyl bromide is up to 60 times more harmful and dangerous than chlorine. Now, you need to choose whether you are going to consume extremely unhealthy and cheap product or you are going to buy the product that can be beneficial for your health.

3 Simple Ways to Recognize the American Garlic

  1. Roots Leftover

If China wants to import garlic in the U.S, it must follow some important regulations. If they want to sell their product in another country, their garlic must be imported without the root.

Since they want to prevent some illnesses and diseases from entering the country, Chinese farmers must remove the root from the garlic. However, the American farmers are not obliged to do that.

  1. Heavier Weight

The Chinese garlic contains more water than the garlic from America. If you compare them, the Chinese garlic is around 37 percent solid and the American is around 42 percent. You can test the garlic you have bought by yourself. The only thing you need to do is to squeeze the bulb. The garlic is good if the bulb is firm.

  1. More Flavorful

This may be difficult for some people but some chefs state that they are able to recognize the Chinese garlic even though it is mixed with other ingredients. The metallic taste of the garlic helps them to do that.

The allicin levels of the Chinese garlic contribute to its taste and smell.

Another interesting fact is that the American garlic has around 4400 ppm, while the Chinese garlic has 3500 ppm i.e. parts per million.

Even though most of the garlic in the U.S is imported, you can still find some good quality garlic.

If the garlic does not have any label, you can ask about the origin of the garlic. However, you can find garlic that it is locally grown at the market.

If you want to take care of your health, you need to know what you are eating. Stop consuming foods that contain a lot of chemicals. Think about your health and choose the foods that are naturally grown.