The Best Drink Against Constipation Made of Just 2 Ingredients

The best beverage for constipation is only made of two ingredients -- this folk remedy for constipation can be made at home.

Each of us at least once had an experience with an unpleasant episode of indigestion: constipation, diarrhea or bloating.

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Millions of people suffer from constipation, of which three-quarters are women, but for this problem is often not talked about, either because of embarrassment or because of the beliefs that it can not be resolved.

Constipation is discovered by the reduced number of stools, their hardness and difficulties with emptying the bowel.

The causes are usually the common changes, everyday lifestyle (travel, temporary immobility, huge amount of food), taking some medications (for example, sedatives or medications against acid) or diseases such as diabetes, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, etc. It is also common during pregnancy.

Constipation is not harmless

Constipation can cause other, very unpleasant diseases such as anal fissures (damage to mucosa of the anal canal), ulcer of the rectum and, very often, hemorrhoids; so in this way it creates a closed circle for which the situation may become even worse.

Constipation can occur only occasionally, or it may turn into a chronic problem which might last longer than six weeks.

Constipation is often followed by fatigue because the body releases insufficient amount of toxins from the intestinal contents.

When the passage of the intestinal contents is slowed down then the intestinal mucosa needs a longer period of time to absorb the water and the stool becomes hard.

It is desirable to have one or two stools per day which are of medium consistency, that are neither too hard nor too soft. It would be optimal but today it is impossible to seek for that.

For all those who have chronic digestive problems and suffer from long-term constipation, Malakhov recommends the following natural beverage:

Necessary ingredients for the folk remedy against constipation

  •  1 bunch of spinach leaves
  •  200-3 00 ml yogurt

How is this remedy against constipation prepared?

Choose good, young, fresh spinach.

Remove the stems from the leaves and wash the leaves.

Place the leaves in a blender.

Add 200 -300 ml of yogurt

Mix well.

Drink one cup of this beverage in the morning and in the evening.

This will quickly encourage the digestive system to function correctly.

You can try it, it is easy and you can make it quickly, it is healthy for the whole body -- and it works.