The Best Way How To Get Rid Of Persistent Cough – Ideal For the Youngest Family Members

During the winter, no one is spared of a cough, flu and colds.


Instead of the numerous syrups and lozenges from the pharmacy, we recommend this simple home remedy for a cough, which can cause no side effects, and is ideal for the youngest family members.


  •  Honey
  •  Black radish


  1. Carve out the inside of the black radish so that it resembles a bowl.
  2. Fill it with honey (do not fill it to the top, as the black radish will release its juice as well).
  3. Place the radish in a bowl wide enough to serve as a holder.
  4. Allow to stand overnight at room temperature.
  5. In the morning, put the resulting syrup in a container with a lid.

As the honey-enriched with the juices of the radish has no side effects, you can consume it as you wish, on every hour, when you feel the cough attack, and normally, at bedtime to calm down the throat.

This syrup is suitable for children of early age as well.



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