The British Cardiologist Shocked The World: Fats Protect Health, But This Ingredient Makes Us Fat!

Fats are the ones to be blamed for the occurrence of many health problems, including clogged arteries, increased risk of heart disease, obesity. Well, that is at least what are told.

But, Asim Malhotra, a British cardiologists, claims the opposite. And he is not the only professional that views things from that aspect.

The latest research has shown that sugar is the worst enemy of human body. Dr. Malhotra also adds that full-fat products are good for the overall health, and there is great evidence proving that fats do not cause cardiovascular issues. He believes that full-fat diet actually protects from cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Malhodra encourages his patients to eat more fats, and to avoid ‘light’ products.“My patients are in shock when I suggest that they eat full-fat products rich in saturated fat. When I tell them to stay away from everything that allegedly lowers cholesterol,” the cardiologist explains.


Dr. Malhotra explained that these products increase the risk of heart disease, and he added that fats are not the (main) cause of obesity.

“I stayed away from full-fat products, exercised, and my abdominal fat was still there. It was at this point that I started to study the effect of fats on overall health,” the doctor explains.

Dr. Malhotra claims that sugar is the greatest threat for overall health, and Dr. Robert Lustig, a pediatrician, shares the same opinion. He has been studying the effect of fat and sugar on obesity in childrenas well, and found that sugary products should be labelled with warnings like cigarettes and alcohol have.

There are more and more experts who agree that sugar is the main cause of obesity and many associated diseases.

“Fat does not make you fat, because you do not get green when you eat leafy greens, right?” It is exactly what the cardiologist says to his patients, and Dr.GariTobs explains that obesity is linked to the food you eat, not the number of calories.

This is supported by the fact that over 23 percent of all the people in Sweden follows a diet regimen that includes full-fat products and less carbohydrates.

Dr. Andreas Enfeldt, the Swedish expert who designed the dietary program that is high and fats and low in sugar, explains that other experts claim his diet regimen to be “a ticking bomb.” But, the number of overweight people around the world keeps increasing, which is not the case of Sweden.

Health experts in Sweden showed that this regimen is the ideal diet regimen. It not only melts pounds, but also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases in obese.

In 2014, two studies conducted at the Cambridge Health Alliance showed that when consumed moderately, saturated fat in dairy reduce the risk of diabetes type 2 and heart disease.