Thousands of Wild Bison Appear At Standing Rock Out Of Nowhere! A Sign From Mother Earth?

You may be totally unaware of it, but Native Americans have united in the biggest protest ever!

They all have one goal: To protect water sources from vicious corporations. This protest involves over 500 Native American tribes from North, Central and South America, and Canada, too.

It is not an easy game. In the last week, over hundreds of innocent people were arrested and assaulted. Wonder why? They are accused of occupying the land that has been stolen from them. Ever heard of Dakota Access Pipeline? Yes, the huge corporation stole it using imminent domain.

This is one of the toughest struggle for the water protectors. It is not just the violence they have to put up with. Do you know that these people are living in camps set up in the fields?

And that temperatures go pretty low, even though it is not winter yet? Let’s not forget, it is the pipeline builders who hire the police to harass Native Americans.

Here is what the White Wolf Pack, a Native American website, states:

“The great bison or buffalo of North America is a very powerful symbol to American Indians. Though best suited to cooler climates, bison roamed virtually in entire continent.

The smaller woodlands bison and its bigger cousin, the plains bison were revered and honored in ceremony and everyday life. To the plains Indian, our Bison Brother meant sacred life and the abundance of the Creator’s blessing on Mother Earth.

The bison is powerful medicine that is a symbol of sacrifice and service to the community. The bison people agreed to give their lives so the American Indian could have food, shelter and clothing.

The bison is also a symbol of gratitude and honor as it is happy to accept its meager existence as it stands proud against the winds of adversity.

The bison represents abundance of the Creator’s bounty and respect for all creation knowing that all things are sacred.”

According to the chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, the “militarized” response to the camp is absolutely inhumane. He also asked the demonstrators to stay calm, and remain strong to their cause.

“Militarized law enforcement agencies moved in on water protectors with tanks and riot gear today. We continue to pray for peace,” Dave Archambault II explained in a statement Thursday evening.

“We won’t step down from this fight,” Archambault added. “As peoples of this earth, we all need water. This is about our water, our rights, and our dignity as human beings.””

You can find the VIDEO HERE

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