You Will Achieve Amazing Results If You Do This Every Night Before You Go To Bed…

You are not the only one that has troubles falling asleep. This problem affects millions of people. Depression and weight gain is usually the result of this problem since when you are not able to fall asleep during the night you feel tired throughout the whole day and will start to consume coffee and sugar just to stay awake. This is not healthy for your body.

However, you do not have to worry because we will show you some yoga poses that will help you fall asleep and get rid of this problem and the consequences that follow. These exercises are not hard.

They are easy and simple to do. It is good to stay longer in that position, for about one minute, when you start to do them. As time passes by, you will have to stay even longer in these positions, for about 5 minutes.

  1. Child’s pose “Balasana”

If you have knee problems, this is the perfect pose for you. Besides that, with this exercise you are able to relax the nervous system, belly, mind, shoulder and back. You need to fold a blanket for few times and place it under the bum if the rear end does not reach the heels.

You will have to stretch your arms in front of you and set them aside the body. Set an alarm so you will know when to finish. While you are practicing this pose, breathe deeply.


  1. Bound angle reclining pose “Supta Baggha Konasana”

This pose is also known as the ‘butterfly pose’. Prop the knees up while you lie on the back. Before you let the knees fall away to the sides gently, place the feet soles together. You should know that many people are not able to lie flat.

The knees will be few inches away from the ground. Under each knee you can put a pillow, rolled up blanket or stack of books. Then, you have to let the arms aside the body. In order to lower the belly, relax the body and breathe.


  1. “Back-roll”

If you want to practice this pose, the first thing you need to do is to lie on the back. Then, you have to hold the knees and rock gently from side to side. This pose is excellent after having a long hard day since it massages and stretches the lower back.

You will have to relax your legs and feet. Let the shoulders melt toward the floor. While holding the knees, do not tense them. Breathe deeply.


  1. Reclining spinal-twist “Supta Matsyendrasana”

Prop the knees up while you lie on your back. You will have to make sure that the knees fall over the right side. You will also have to stabilize the legs if you hold the left thigh with the right hand.

Stretch the left arm to the left. Roll the head to the left. You will have to relax your shoulders. Breathe deeply. It is recommended to repeat the pose on the other side also.


  1. The fish pose “Matsyasana”

If you want to practice this pose you will have to lie on the back and set the arms on the floor by the body. Slide the palms down under the rear end. As you slide them, press the whole lower arms into the floor and bend the elbows.

By doing this you are going to open the chest and lift the upper body upward. Let your head fall backward to the floor or hold it up. Remove the hands from under you. Take 5-10 deep breaths. It is recommended to lie flat.





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